Importing Photosynth point clouds into AutoCAD 2011 Using C#

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I have made 60-70 posts
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Importing Photosynth point clouds into AutoCAD 2011 Using C#

Post by CMounts »

Code Part 1
Code Part 2
Can't wait to give this a try.
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Re: Importing Photosynth point clouds into AutoCAD 2011 Usin

Post by Tilo »

This thread has definitely not deserved to be so deserted... Photosynth and Kean Walmsley's AutoCAD integration samples are really really cool and worth having a look at.

I've experimented a bit with Photosynth and here are my findings:
  • The point clouds are relatively sparse.I've seen up to 1mio points, I've created up to 0.5mio. However, keep in mind that the point clouds are only a by-product of the image orientation process!
  • The point clouds I've seen so far are relatively noisy.
  • You need a massive amount of photos, taken from different positions and you need an object with non-repetitive texture (trying to synth a brick wall will probably fail).
  • The scale of the point clouds have – naturally – arbitrary scale. You will need an additional measurement to scale correctly
However, it's a very interesting technology and I'm curious about how this might be going on (Photosynth from videos, Photosynth API, extracting the photos and their orientation parameters,...).

In his latest post,Kean also announced a comparison with the „classical“ laserscanning approach.
Tilo Pfliegner
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Re: Importing Photosynth point clouds into AutoCAD 2011 Usin

Post by 3DForensics »

Hi Tilo,

For those that don't know, there is a very easy point cloud exporter made available by Christoph Hausner. I am pretty sure you have posted on Codeplex, but for those on this forum that don't know:

You simply create a Photosynth and paste the URL into the Photosynth Point Cloud Exporter...then, voila! You have a point cloud. It's really that easy.

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