Converting to LGS format ?

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I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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Converting to LGS format ?

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My client recently purchased a Cloudworx plug-in license and is asking for point cloud data in LGS format.

I have been using the industry standard E57 format for exchanging point cloud files.

I am still on Cyclone 9 and also have TrueView publisher license which hasn't seen much daylight.

Could someone here be so kind to tell me how to create LGS or converting from PTS,PTX or E57 to LGS format.

Thank you

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Re: Converting to LGS format ?

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You will need to upgrade to the latest Cyclone version as LGS didn't exist back in Cyclone v9.0.

Your TruView PUBLISHER license should now have been converted to a Cyclone PUBLISHER license so you have the ability to publish to the LGS file format.
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Re: Converting to LGS format ?

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