Import then export e57 bug

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Import then export e57 bug

Post by RaphSchim »

Hi everyone!

I have a problem with Cyclone while exporting e57 file.

In fact, It happened several times that I loaded an e57 file in Cyclone and everything is fine. Then I try to export it, but I lost most of my points.
The operation was just import the e57 then export it in e57 format.
I found a way to "bypass" this bug is by exporting in PTS then reimporting the PTS, then export this PTS in e57. Here, everything works fine, and all my points are in the final e57.

Is it a known bug?
Do someone knows how to resolve this problem?

I can give you a file that does it if needed.

(P.S : we have the last cyclone version).

Best regards,
R. Schim
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Re: Import then export e57 bug

Post by steves01x »

Yes - i had issues with with different versions after 9.4.2

And different outcomes with a demo license of publisher pro then got a temp license that actived literally everything.

Batch export would pop up but nothing would export - it changes depending if the registration was on local (point selected) or frozen and shifted to a control file.

There was also issues depending on lisence/project if you could open up a scanworlds own model space and export.

This was all months ago but not tried 2020.2 yet to see if its fixed as some of my issues appear to of been logged by other users directly to Leica (but as ever their support were quick to try and help & resolve - even with the version i was using this time being a demo!)
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Re: Import then export e57 bug

Post by VinceMain »

I won't recommend using .PTS as this does not export point normals ( which are used for the extraction of objects in other software and cyclone ). I am running Cyclone 9.2.1 and I have used .ptg in the past with success . A directory file will be made with a folder name according to the export name which contains all the scans. So the directory file can be selected for the import but I have seen import errors into Autodesk recap , and in that case I go into the folder that is created with the export and select all the scans. But Cyclone will recognize the directory file and import everything no problem .

Potential solution try exporting from recap if you have access to it.
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