Register 360 Advice on separating dozens of mini scanned rooms

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Register 360 Advice on separating dozens of mini scanned rooms

Post by AAW »


Large university was scanned by a team months ago. Many rooms were locked and they had to skip them. We bought the blk360 to scan the rooms that are able to be opened. We have jumped into this ourselves to do since the laser scanning team is from another country and needless to say there is no way to get them back in now to finish the job. We initially used recap pro to capture the missing rooms. We created a new project for each floor of the university...and then created a new group for each missing room. It seemed logical at the time. We did register most of them as we went but when it wasn't working we didn't have time to play with the setup in app and just kept scanning.

We downloaded all the projects into recap pro desktop but found out there is no way to register individual rooms on their own since we created all the setups on the same floor in the same project, even though we created sub groups. It was taking forever to create a new project in recap desktop, redownload the entire floor, just to delete dozens of scans.

So we heard that cyclone register should work for us when we asked in a facebook group.

We used the blk360 data manager to download all 300 scans onto the desktop. I then created a new project in register 360 and added all the 300 scans. I did not allow the program to register and thought doing it manually is the best way. I have started to register the individual floors into bundles. I did 4 bundles so far. I noticed there is no way to rename the bundles. My thought was to export all bundles using the room numbers so the autodesk team can tell which bundle is for which missing room.

Thank you for reading this far! I would like input to see if what i did makes sense or if there is an easier way of doing this. IPad does have each individual floor as a separate project, and within each project i created and named each room as a group. Is there an easier flow that i should take so in the end i can export in either rcp or e57 files, registered rooms on their own.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated.

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Re: Register 360 Advice on separating dozens of mini scanned rooms

Post by steves01x »

This is not the ideal approach but it should work fairly well, assuming the "locked" rooms are not massive and connect to other rooms/stairs etc.

Also im coming from a Cyclone Core approach but would imagine its similar.

From your existing paid for survey - import all the scans or.imp in to Cyclone. Open it up slice through it finding which scans are at/near the locked doors. Make note of them. Either export these as individual scans if its imp file or get the exact individual file/scan name it you received single scan files.

For "room 001" that you have scanned with the BLK, register it, then import the scans from out side the locked door. Import it in to the registration, make it the home world scans (levelled) then register it via visual align with the BLK scan you have from out side the locked room. You could create vertex but its slow and a pain in the bum it its just one scan your hooking up to.

This will give you each missing "room" on the same co-ordinates. So export n import / copy it over to the main project and get it all in to one registration to QC it.

As i said, if the rooms are big and have further rooms, exits out side etc its not ideal but should do the job.

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