Exporting point coordinates from a cloud in UTM?

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Exporting point coordinates from a cloud in UTM?

Post by LaserTrees »

Confused n00b here. Anyone know of a "straightforward" method for extracting point coordinates from a cloud in UTM (or other standard coordinate system?) Seems like it should be a simple task, but I have tried exporting the cloud points as xyz (produces weird coordinates from a system I don't recognize) and also tried the ScanTaxi Coordinate Exporter, which only produced coordinates for scan positions and targets (with no decimal places included). Basically I just need to get xyz coordinates for each point in the cloud into a tabular format. The end goal is to match cloud points to individual trees in a forest, for which I already have stem coordinates in UTM. Looks like the native gps on the Focus 3D X130 supports UTM, as it's listed under properties for each scan, however, I can't figure out how to extract coordinates for every point. Any insight is appreciated and sorry if this issue has already been addressed elsewhere.
Mark Christy
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Re: Exporting point coordinates from a cloud in UTM?

Post by Mark Christy »

Hi Brandon,

Our software can display or re-project your point cloud in any known coordinate system in real time. You can also add tags or measurements and export them all as a CSV file which you can then manipulate Excel, etc, as you see fit.

If you want a demo or example of doing this then please drop us a line via our website www.veesus.com

Many Thanks

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