Stonex X300 Laser Scanner & DOT product For Sale

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Kyle Mc Naughton
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Stonex X300 Laser Scanner & DOT product For Sale

Post by Kyle Mc Naughton »

Hi Everyone

I hope I am not breaking any rules with my first post being a "for sale" one.
I am in South African and have a Stonex X300 laser scanner for sale as well as a DOT product scanner to sell.
They can be sold as a bundle or separately.

My Business focus has shifted since purchasing the scanners.
The units have only been used a handful of times and have since been packed in their cases, unused for months

Both units are in mint condition and I am able to supply photos of both if you would like.

The Stonex X300 comes with the following:
1 x X300 instrument Unit
1 x X300 Carry Case
1 x X300 Battery Charger 3A
2 x X300 Battery 11.1V 8000mAh
1 x Tribrach (metal, three jaws with optical plummet)
1 X Wooden Tripod, Flat Base

DOT Product DPI 8x
DPI - 8X
Kit Includes - 8"tablet with calibrated RGB-D camera, a housing for holding the tablet with attached camera, usb standard to mini connector & carry case
DPI - 8X Light kit
Light Kit includes - 1 light & 1 mounting attachment for DPI - 8X

I would like $9 995 (USD) for the Stonex
And $3 500 (USD) for the DOT product
(Prices exclude shipping)

Prices are slightly negotiable especially if both products are purchased as a bundle.

Kind Regards

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