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I am new to this forum so first of all I would like to say hello to everyone and apologize in advanced for my poor English.

I couldn't find any similar thread on this forum and Leica support is… well insufficient, so I decided to write this post.

In my work we use P30 on daily bases. Some of our projects are quite big, more than 40 stations, some quite small, around 5 stations.
We currently use CYCLONE version 9.4.2.
In the past we organized the databases inside the CYCLONE based on the area of scanning. Since it is a big ongoing construction site, we were thinking it would be a best option for us. In each database we have projects organized by the dates of scanning. So we have few large databases with multiple projects inside.
We recently decided to change this structure into the year based structure. Let say under 2016 database, we will have projects with different areas scanned during that year. It will be easier for us to archive databases yearly so we can work only with the relatively fresh data. And archiving should be super easy, just coping one imp file for each year.
We pushed as well to upgrade our workstation.
We have Thinkstation P920 with Xeon Gold 5222 3.8GHz processor, 96GB of RAM, 1TB Samsung EVO PLUS NVMe disc for OS partition, 2TB SAMSUNG EVO PLUS NVMe for cyclone data partition, 20TB HDD for CYCLONE and RAWDATA archive purpose, OS is WIN10.
I was thinking with this kind of workstation CYCLONE will perform well. To my surprise coping the projects from one database to another takes several hours because cyclone is transferring the data with the speed of maximum 60MB/s. This is simply ridiculous. I bench-marked our discs, I also work with simple data transfer and run other software installed on them and surely they can transfer with few GB/s speed.

Did anyone face similar problem? Is there anything that we can do better in our setup?
Do you have any advice for us to speed up the workflow?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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