Volumetric Tank Strapping & Calibration

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Volumetric Tank Strapping & Calibration

Post by shubhamr66018 »

Hi all,

I am looking at a job where we need to calculate the volume of a tank
We would like to generate a full tank strapping chart, volumes at various heights in excel formate. Is it possible doing this with Cyclone software?

Please let me know your response.

Thank you!
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Re: Volumetric Tank Strapping & Calibration

Post by gilles_3DR »

Hi Shubham,

So, this is possible in 3DReshaper (soon to be re-branded as Cyclone 3DR).
Once you have meshed your point cloud, you can ask to calculate volumes at different height.
Note that this approach is not API like! IE, it does nt take into account the temperature of the measures, or the pressure...

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Re: Volumetric Tank Strapping & Calibration

Post by scott.diaz »

In case you are interested here are some of the functions in BuildIT Construction for tank inspection. E57 from Cyclone is probably best. Many of these routines can be scripted to macros as well to automate steps

https://insights.faro.com/buildit-const ... -to-series

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Re: Volumetric Tank Strapping & Calibration

Post by mrblenny »

The Tank Edition module of Trimble Realworks can do all this for you automatically (and deformation inspection as well):


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