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Preview: Rhino Inside

Post by Scott » Thu Oct 10, 2019 5:08 pm ... ino-inside
"Rhino 3D with Grasshopper occupies a special place in the AEC industry. Now, to complete its global domination, McNeel will soon make the software able to work in pretty much any Windows application, including Unity, AutoCAD and even Revit"

Getting point clouds into CAD/BIM platforms has mostly been an unpleasant experience. I wonder if this recent development will help any of us or simply gum up the works? I applaud McNeal for their efforts, however. Any thoughts?

mike annear
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Re: Preview: Rhino Inside

Post by mike annear » Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:14 am

Hi Scott, Thanks for that.
I have been using Rhino 3D as my primary pointcloud modelling package since about 2000, It is quick, cheap and easy to learn/use.
Unfortunately, these days Revit files are what many clients expect as a deliverable. Luckily I mainly do stuff that Revit cant do, like boats, planes, cars and other complex surfaces.
Revit has always been able to import Rhino files, but the result is messy (due to Revit limitations)
Being able to run Rhino as a plug-in in Revit (or any other Cad package) will be very powerful.
McNeel are a great company, tiny but innovative and their support for external plugins (many are free) via Food 4 Rhino /Grasshopper has always been a big plus.
You have only got to look at the industries represented in the Rhino 3D resources page to see the variety of different uses that Rhino can be put to.
VisualARQ is a great example for Architects.

If any Revit users want " Rhino 3D Modelling from Pointcloud " Lessons please contact me. Get in Early :)

Mike Annear

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