Error Code 262 - Saving Shared Data Failed

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Error Code 262 - Saving Shared Data Failed

Post by DillonE »

I have a scan project I am working on that is refusing to save for reasons I can not understand.

The data came off of the scanner's SD card, and was saved locally on a laptop computer. The raw scans were then saved to a server, so that the project could be picked up on another computer. I regularly bounce between a laptop and a desktop, allowing me to work on more than one project at a time. Historically this has never been an issue.

After transferring the saved scans from the server to a desktop, I spent roughly three hours registering scans. I would love to retain that progress. If this is not possible, the time can be lost and work continued elsewhere.

Is there a solution available for this issue? Does this just add to the list of bugs in Scene 2019.1? Thank you all for your help.

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Re: Error Code 262 - Saving Shared Data Failed

Post by Raimund58 »

This sounds very bad. I would recommend to save at least all 10 minutes. Sorry for your loss :cry:

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