Leica P-series fine/window/detail scan import issues on Cyclone 9.4

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Leica P-series fine/window/detail scan import issues on Cyclone 9.4

Post by Dirkie2710 »

Hi guys,

Wondering if there are any other users experiencing issues with fine/windowed/detailed scans not importing since upgrading to Cyclone 9.4?

Typical procedure would always be to do a full scan at required settings, then for detail areas use the camera option to select a window area of which detailed scan is required, accepting area, changing to required settings and scanning into same scanworld as full scan.

Export was always done to USB and imported to Cyclone with no problems.

Since upgrading to 9.4 there are problems that some of the windowed scans fail to import. Having sent the scanner to the dealer to have it fixed, they can't find/replicate the problem and when we get it back it doe the same thing. Problem is never on the same scanworld and 1 scanworld might have 10 windowed scans of which a random number might fail to import.

Scans are visible on the scanner both directly after scanning and also if reviewing the project data so it's not lost. Transferring to USB completes with no errors and used different USB sticks. Also tried exporting via cable using data copy tool and same problem. Internal harddrive has been formatted and FW on P50 has been reinstalled, both by us and dealer.

Opening the RAW data on PC, the scan does seem to contain data, as a scan that import correctly is approximately 2.1mb in size and one that fails is roughly the same size, both in scan area and in mb size.

Also not just 1 project, but on multiple, with no apparent logical or predictable reason.

Nearly each scan done contains windowed scanning (scanning B/W stickers mostly), so not a issue that was present for a while and wasn't noticed.

Scanning a target and it being recognised doesn't seem to fail ever. Some B/W stickers aren't defined well enough to recognise on-board so reason for windowed scanning required.

Changing the selecting window view mode from plane to sphere makes no difference. Selecting left to right or right to left makes no difference.

I suspect 3 areas that may influence a failed import:

1. The actual scan doesn't complete or isn't saved

Doubts : scan is visible on screen, and reviewable so not where fail is occurring

2. The transfer/download is corrupting

with the USB vs cable method don't believe it's the process but could be actual data being missed. Comparing this failing data to older correctly importing data not seeing any reason to fail/missing files

3. Cyclone import

I believe this is where the problem is occurring. No problems were experienced before upgrading FW and Cyclone core, and suddenly occurred after upgrade.

Are any other users experiencing the same issue, or have found a work around. There seems to be no logical way of determining when or why a scan might fail to import and just seems random.

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