cyclone register 360, field 360, and publishing

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cyclone register 360, field 360, and publishing

Post by vertigo1 » Fri Jul 12, 2019 9:08 pm

So just a little background, we have 2 BLK360 scanners now, we have a license of Cyclone Register 360 to finalize registration back in the office, and we have 5 entitlements for the Field 360 app for capturing that comes with the Register 360 license. These tools are amazing, and we can justify the cost up to this point. We were asked if we could tag specific equipment and objects within the spaces we are scanning as part of the capture process, the Field 360 app accommodates this scenario really well :like:

How much value do we get from taking the data beyond the Field 360 app and Register 360 though? It seems to me that the yearly cost for a Publisher Pro license is skewed towards the idea that if we were using it, we would be using most of the features it offers, and if not then we should be using TruView Cloud. The break-even point seems to be anything above 3,000 scans per year where a Publisher Pro license would actually begin to have an equivalent value when comparing cost per project volume.

We really only need one of the features that come with either TruView Cloud or Publisher Pro LGS/JSV export, but just for that tagging feature we have to pay for the full host of features as if we would be utilizing them all. This has driven us to look at what we can do to deal with the limitations of Field 360 and Register 360 without a Publisher Pro license and without a TruView Cloud sub.

We are going to explore using Android tablets that have SD card support and see if we can't find a process to backup the Field 360 app data so that we can just continue using Field 360 as the viewer for completed projects in order to keep the tagged data intact without the outrageous cost of Publisher Pro just to review the tagged data. If that doesn't work, it will still be less costly for us to buy a new iPad for each project! :shock:

Crazy? Maybe, but only as crazy as the software licensing situation that is causing it :roll:

Just a few questions before we go down this rabbit hole.

1. Are the 250 and 500 scan allotments for TruView Cloud a one-time purchase for that cloud space, or is it a yearly maintenance cost?

2. Do you get 250 scan allotments for free each year that the TruView Cloud sub is renewed, or just with the initial sub?

3. Is the cost of renewal less than the initial sub cost, or the same?

The Publisher Pro route seems pretty self explanatory now that I understand it, just off of our radar since we currently need very little of what it offers, and do not have the project volume to justify the cost of it yet. While some of the other features we would get with Leica's 2 options would be beneficial, they seem unnecessary for us at this time.

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