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T3DMC & 3D Scanner helps prove quality & helps secure business - Customer Experience

Post by AdrianHedges » Thu Jul 11, 2019 3:50 pm

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With a current project, we are working on, one of the requirements which forms part of the witness test is to prove this special Rossi assembly conforms to the dimensional drawings provided to the customer.

This can become quite challenging when the item you are required to measure is extremely complex and has a mass of nearly 2 tons. That was the challenge facing us, but with the help of Adrian at #T3DMC we were able to make use of a handheld 3D laser scanner and show that the difference between the 3D drawing and the fabrication parts was literally the thickness of the paint, in this case, 300 microns.

An amazing piece of kit and made inspecting these assemblies so much easier and significantly faster than we could have thought possible.

An inspection report highlighting the accuracy of the assembly is generated and forms part of the quality control documentation requirements for this particular project.

Yet another example of Rossi using technology to provide Solutions for an evolving industry.

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