Export multiple clouds in one LAS file

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Export multiple clouds in one LAS file

Post by dewarp »

I am interested in exporting several clouds as one file. I have been using ground extractor, among other tools, to do simple classification of LiDAR data, and would like to be able to export out a single LAS file containing the "Unclassified" and "Ground" clouds as a single file. I have only been able to export separate LAS/LAZ files for each individual cloud in the export selection.

Is there a way in 3DReshaper to do this?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Phil Dewar
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Christchurch, NZ
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Re: Export multiple clouds in one LAS file

Post by gilles_3DR »

Hi Phil,
unfortunately, at this stage, we do not manage classification in 3DReshaper.
Like you said, you can export individual point cloud in individual LAS files, but that's about it...
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