Geomagic Control X Problems

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Geomagic Control X Problems

Post by Dhaskojr » Fri Jun 07, 2019 3:32 pm

Hello All,

I work for a small injection molding company and we recently purchased a Creaform Handheld Scanner, HandySCAN 700, and Geomagic Control X to do first article inspections on parts we mold. I am doing the majority of this work and have noticed that once a scan is uploaded into Control X, and "Initial Fit" then "Best Fit" onto the CAD model, the results are not always what I expect. I recently had parts that were inspected in another fashion, and no less than 85% of the dimensions passed. Once I uploaded the file into Control X and set up the inspection dimensions/tolerances, only 60% of them passed. I have noticed this with many parts we have tried to inspect with Control X and I would say that a 60% pass rate is common. I have manually measured many dimensions to be correct on our parts that are not correct once the scan is uploaded to Control X. I have called technical support and the results have improved slightly, but still a 60% pass rate is not good. Has anyone else had issues like this with Control X? And if so, how did you fix them?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Geomagic Control X Problems

Post by mls » Wed Jun 12, 2019 12:10 pm

Thinking around it, you may not be using the ideal software in this case. Perhaps you can talk to Geomagic about a trial version of Qualify, which is the Geomagic product specifically aimed at the workflow you have described. My understanding is that Design X is a software intended for creating (reverse engineering) CAD models, based on scans of existing parts - not the same as your workflow.
No doubt Design X is capable of handling the task in some way, but inspection is not the primary intention behind the software`s development. Qualify on the other hand is intended exactly for your workflow you describe.

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