Hello from Excelsior

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I have made <0 posts
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Full Name: Daniel Loney
Company Details: Excelsior Measuring
Company Position Title: Owner
Country: Canada
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Location: Canada

Hello from Excelsior

Post by Carbix » Sat Mar 16, 2019 10:56 am

Hello everyone. My name is Daniel Loney; I’m the owner of Excelsior Measuring. Some of you might (big might) have seen me on a tech youtube video when I let LTT open our second BLk360.

We have had a lot of success with the device even with its shortcomings. But it's lead us into scanning and solving a lot of problems to help get the data we use in front of our clients.

I have been following this forum a lot and felt it was time for me to join in.

I'm optimistic about learning new ways to engage our clients, identify areas of growth.

Oh, and I have about a staff of 30 that does point cloud data processing. So if your stuck or need something coverted send me an email.
Daniel Loney - Owner
Excelsior Measuring inc.
Vancouver - Okanagan - Calgary

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I have made 50-60 posts
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Full Name: Gordon
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Re: Hello from Excelsior

Post by gordonired » Mon Mar 18, 2019 3:52 pm

Always good to see another Canuck on here, and that's a pretty impressive team size you have. Glad to see that Linus didn't drop your scanner :D

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