BLK360 Scannng Quick Tips

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BLK360 Scannng Quick Tips

Post by Wanna3eReal » Tue Nov 14, 2017 2:05 am

This is a cross posting from the Autodesk Forums where I reached out to people more experienced than I in Building Scanning. From the feedback and other posts I put together a list of quick tips for getting better results from the BLK360 and Recap Pro


Thanks to all those that contributed to the original thread.  I’ve summarized all your excellent ideas as well as ones I’ve pulled from other posts.
A special thanks to Ryan Frenz.  
Quick Tips for Better Results when Scanning a Building.
1. Before you begin, rough up a plan of your project so that you can…
2. Document each scan location (photos, notes etc)
3. Go through the building opening all doors and moving any items that might cast “Shadows” before scanning.
4. Try to keep the scanner at the same elevation for the whole set and keep he unit as level as possible. Use a tripod with a leveling bubble if possible.
5. Choose your first scan from a central location that has the best chance of overlap with as many of the subsequent scans as possible.
6. As you move from room to room try to ensure that each new scan shares a corner with a previous one. Don’t move too far through the threshold.
7. Try to maintain a clear line of site between scan locations.
8. Each time you change level, be it a split level or a new floor level create a new set. Make a new set for the exterior.
9. When scanning exteriors don’t just look at the building but try to find features around the building that might form useful reference planes and features.
10. For tricky situations print out markers and affix them on surfaces to help with manual registration. For dark locations shine a colored focused light or laser on key surfaces
11. Try to get the whole job done in one go with consistent lighting.
Importing the scan into Recap
1. After the initial import make a copy of the whole folder containing the individual scans. You can use this to re import and rebuild the final cloud should something go awry,
2. For manual registration use the “update coordinate” feature of recap after importing the first scan.
3. (For the Building Designers) – Surveyors know a heck of a lot more than you do about this kind of data acquisition. Consult one for you first few jobs.

Hope this helps.

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