Does SCENE allow same features in AutoCAD as ReCAP?

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Does SCENE allow same features in AutoCAD as ReCAP?

Post by LHardin » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:20 pm

We are looking to purchase a Faro scanner. I'm contemplating getting SCENE with it even though we now use ReCAP. We've used ReCAP instead of SCENE for about 2 years now because we like the features it provides in AutoCAD such as being able to find a centerline of a cylinder and the intersecting edge or corners of planes.

Two questions:
1. I'm wondering if processing the scans in the newer SCENE software allows these features in AutocAD. Does anyone know? It didn't a couple years ago.
2. Does the ReCAP file still allow importing of Navisworks files if it's been processed in SCENE first? This has been a great feature we use a lot!

From what I read on the forums, it sounds like SCENE is superior to ReCAP for registration accuracy and that is important to us as well.
For what it's worth, most of our scans consist of 20 to 60 setups.

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Re: Does SCENE allow same features in AutoCAD as ReCAP?

Post by Ryan » Wed Oct 11, 2017 2:25 pm

Hi Lyle,

See my post in the other thread:


In short, you can register wherever you want, just make sure to bring the data into ReCap Pro in a supported 'structured' format. FLS and LSPROJ are both structured, so SCENE is quite compatible. You'll get all the same features you have when bringing the FLS straight in from the scanner, including Navis integration, meshing, etc.

I'm not aware of the AutoCAD issue you refer to in #1 - but as far as I know, all of AutoCAD's point cloud snapping/centerline features are available in projects created from FLS (registered anywhere). That's always been the case - although there was a minor issue in 2017 wherein certain unified exports wouldn't snap correctly in AutoCAD. But that bug has been long since fixed.


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