Complex Meshing of Project Point Cloud

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I have made 80-90 posts
I have made 80-90 posts
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Complex Meshing of Project Point Cloud

Post by vislaw » Sat Sep 16, 2017 7:16 am

For our forensic visualizations we almost always convert our point clouds to mesh objects so we can apply lighting & shadows as well as reducing processor load for animation or use with real-time viewers. We recently worked on a forensic case involving a warehouse fire that involved a lot of interior detail that presented a challenge to be able to generate a decent mesh from.

We used a FARO S350 and an X330 to acquire data from 48 scan stations. Here's the project point cloud in FARO Scene 7:
Here are rendered frames showing the completed mesh we made from the project point cloud:
We will use this basic mesh to work with the client to make decisions regarding the final trial exhibits. At that point we will replace much of the current mesh with hand modeled geometry. We will be combining this data with drone-based photogrammetry as well as a data set we created by flying a Faro X330 from a heavy lift drone. For those of you attending the IAFSM conference next month, I'll be presenting more info on the workflow used in this case.
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