open-hardware laser scanner

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Full Name: Henri Starmans
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open-hardware laser scanner

Post by hexastorm » Thu May 11, 2017 7:49 am

Hey all,

I have made an open-hardware laser scanner. The specifications are as follows;
Technology: laser scanner using a transparent polygon with a single bundle
Company: Hexastorm
Scan spot speed: 100 to 467 meters per second.
Spot size: 60 micrometers
Scientific Article:
Abstract: The key invention is that Hexastorm is able to achieve a high spot quality and orthogonal incidence without an f-theta lens
Impact: Laser scanners are widely used. The technology has a large impact. The photo-polymer market has a market cap of 300 million dollars and the PCB market a market cap of 60 billion dollars. The technology could also be useful for laser sintering etc..

The kickstarter is here; ... /hexastorm

The scanner has been tested directly via a CCD camera.The kit has been in the news ... nting.html,

At the moment, I am wondering if there is a demand for open-hardware laser scanners!? I have talked to the 3D printing community but they don't know that much about laser scanners. I mean they don't understand that you can already bench mark a laser scanner with a CCD camera.
So i thought; let's try over at the laser scanning forum; maybe they know what laser scanners are :lol: !?

Have you guys ever built one?!

Look forward to your replies


Pizzaslice = Hexastorm

I have made <0 posts
I have made <0 posts
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Full Name: Leo Aerts
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Re: open-hardware laser scanner

Post by Gaardenier » Wed Dec 06, 2017 3:20 pm

Hallo Henri,

Please take a look at my introduction.
I red your contribution only after that.
I'd like to get contact. Seems you are Dutch mothertongue?

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