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With Euclideon re focusing on their Geospatial products we would like to announce our latest release of Geoverse MDM 1.5. which includes several major improvements and a new pricelist for our different solutions.
Geoverse MDM is available as of January 1, 2017, both as a one-time charge license and a yearly subscription model to give customers all options without any limitations in a package that scales to all needs.

Announcing Geoverse MDM 1.5

Major new Features in Geoverse 1.5 MDM:
• CAPTURE ANIMATION TOOL - Geoverse 1.5 allows to record videos of your scene using several visualization options. All animations can be exported to a movie file by using the Export Animation button.

• CAPTURE SCREENSHOT TOOL – Create high definition screenshots of your current screen.

• SPECIFY YOUR CAMERA LOCATION AT STARTUP – Ideal tool to link your existing 2D GIS solution with the 3D environment of Geoverse.

• IMPROVED SELECTION TOOLS – Save your different selections to your udp file.

• NEW FOLDER FEATURES – Organise your datasets, bookmarks and labels more efficient.

• IMPROVED POSITIONING TOOL – Rotate your objects around selected axis

• CAMERA POSITION ADDED – Define your camera positon and viewing angles

• IMPROVED MODEL INTERACTION – Color and identify models that the mouse cursor is hovered over

• IMPROVED WMS MAP SUPPORT – Import your own custom WMS maps

• IMPORVED LABEL OPTIONS – Labels visualization based on visibility

• VARIOUS IMPROVMENTS – e.g. French language AutoCAD support


For any further inquiries to Geoverse-Convert, SolidScan and UDWeb, problems and suggestions don't hesitate and contact Euclideon partners in your region.

Regards Andrej

I have made 10-20 posts
I have made 10-20 posts
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In 2019, Euclideon stopped development of GEOVERSE and launched Euclideon Vault as the next generation Point Cloud platform based on their 'Unlimited Detail' rendering technology.

Up to date information (and free viewer or SDK trials) can be found at

or, you can ask here :)

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