Surface analyzer of a cone

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Surface analyzer of a cone

Post by africanscanman »

I need help, has anyone ever scanned a silo with a cone at the bottom, then carried out a surface analysis of the cone to determine if it was deformed, against a theoretic model?

If so, how?

I have got Trimble Realworks 9.1 - the full modeling suite, but it only offers this function for Flat / Cylindrical /Tunnel.

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Re: Surface analyzer of a cone

Post by tchaper »

Hello Andrew,

The 'Flat / Cylindrical /Tunnel' option is for defining the projection, but you can use any shape as the reference surface. You'll need to do the following :
- select the point cloud object in the list and copy paste it (Ctrl C Ctrl V)
- select the point cloud, go to Model tab, start Cloud-based Modeler tool, and fit a least squares cone on it (possibly with constrained axis direction, e.g., vertical), create the geometry
- Select the cone object and convert it to a mesh (go to Surface>Convert to mesh' in the Surfaces tab)
- Select both the point cloud and the mesh, then go to Inspection tab and start the Twin Surface Inspection tool. Choose 'cylindrical' projection, and do 'pick axis from object' with the cone's axis for defining the cylinder. Choose the resolution, then press Preview. This will create an inspection map with cylindrical projection of the cone part.
I hope this helps.


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I have made 50-60 posts
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Re: Surface analyzer of a cone

Post by MarcinL »

You can also try to use Cloude Compare,which have efficient and very simple tool for comparation theoretical models with point clouds.

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