How to Remove Realview Data

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I have made 10-20 posts
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How to Remove Realview Data

Post by TigerAC3 »

I have a Recap project that has ~500 scans. I have deleted all the points outside of an area and saved as, while selecting the delete points option. My issue is all the realview data remains for every scan location. Due to this the project is still over 100GB in size. I am trying to reduce the project size as much as possible so that it is easier to share. Is there an easy way to delete all the realview data for locations that are outside of the remaining area? I have attached a screenshot to better illustrate.
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I have made 20-30 posts
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Re: How to Remove Realview Data

Post by DanielNMP87 »


how about you make a copy of rcp open it in registration mode remove the scans that you don't need and then save...
Hope it helps!
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Re: How to Remove Realview Data

Post by topogeo »

Often problem ..
I solved by deleting the scans one by one, by clicking on the "x" of the scans list that you see on the right in the image of the scans.
But .. I do not know how to select a block ... I unfortunately, I select them one by one (and each singols snatch me apsettare many tens of seconds to be deleted).

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Re: How to Remove Realview Data

Post by GBP88 »


Same issue over here. Is there a better way to delete multiple scans?

And what about removing realview data from the project entirely? I only need the point cloud and not the realview data.
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