Georeferencing data

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Georeferencing data

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Good afternoon,

I am trying to georeference the pointcloud collected with VZ-400i. My GNSS measurements are external. I have seen a couple of tutorials on how to register the pointclouds using direct georeferencing or creating tiepoints from the GNSS for the project. All approaches generated different SOP and POP matrices and I am not very confident that at the end of the day they are doing the same thing. To add to that, as the scans are conducted in the forests, I do not trust the GPS that well. Lastly, I have another version of registration using MSA, which gives good results for registration, but the scans are in the project reference frame. I trust this registration the most, but how do I generate and use the POP matrix using this registration? I want high accuracy of georeferencing, so I want to be 100% sure that I am taking the right POP values. Overall, what is the standard approach of georeferencing pointclouds collected with Riegl sensor and generating let's say tif files. Thanks for the help, feel free to ask for clarifications.
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Re: Georeferencing data

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Or you reference it in your geodetic system through Geosysmanager and set a few scanpositions which you know are solid and set them as fix in MSA.

Or you set some tiepoints and scan them in with fine scanning and reference those. This is the GLCS system

2 possibilities to choose from. Scanning through woods is a breeze with the vz400i. Check out this LI post. ... 17440-LaaQ
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