LivoxHorizon+VN200+ZEDF9P System - PointCloud Drifts

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LivoxHorizon+VN200+ZEDF9P System - PointCloud Drifts

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to assemble this system I put on the subject, but I've been having issues. I have been trying to identify the source of the problem, but I have not succeded. My system consists of a Livox Horizon LiDAR Scanner, a VN200 Inertial System and a ZED-F9P GNSS. As you can see in the attachments, an image shows the pointcloud with a duplicated wall inside the red circle while the other image shows the same wall in the red circle but not duplicated. The pointclouds in the images were surveyed going in opposite directions each.

Sensor's Precision:
LiDAR Livox Horizon: Range Precision (1σ @ 20m) 2 cm¹ ; Angular Precision(1σ )< 0.05º
INS VN-200: 2° Static and 0.2° Dynamic
GNSS ZED-F9P: Centimeter accuracy after PPK

I am trying to figure out why I am getting those drifts in the pointcloud, even in a single strip/line.
Maybe, the issue is due to bad time sync between the sensors, or maybe I am not getting so precise GNSS positions, or the INS may not be performing well, or it could be calibration between INS and LiDAR, etc. I have really tried, but I seem not to come to a solution. I hope maybe your experience with pointclouds could help me identify what the problem could be, or what I should consider, or where I should start looking for to solve the issue, considering all the variables involved when surveying.
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