videosoftware - point cloud animation

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Re: videosoftware - point cloud animation

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Hi Malte,

The trial becomes the free version after 14 days. So you get 14 days to try everything out, and then you're limited to just the free features.

Many Thanks

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Re: videosoftware - point cloud animation

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As the new kid on the block, NUBIGON offers a unique set of tools to generate videos.

You can enhance point clouds with lights, shadows, and annotations; bring in mesh models or CAD drawings and then quickly generate appealing videos. Here are a few examples ... mrPZmGE7PM

Feel free to download our free trial from our website. Happy to provide more information, so don't hesitate to reach out. In the meantime, check out these videos for feature demonstrations and how-to's ... 17mlbOaEud
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Re: videosoftware - point cloud animation

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MalteHC wrote: Wed May 30, 2018 5:56 am Hi all

We are doing some videos of our collected point clouds, to show our customers the level of detail we capture.
At the moment we use ReCap and that gives us a desent result, but does anyone use something else and is there any better software out there, for this?
What are you trying to do that you can't already do? Like most point cloud processing packages we have key frame and alignment based video capture in SCC which also allows overlay of and extracted linework, DTM, contours and the like. If the raw video you're already capturing contains the content that you need, a good dedicated video editing tool might be a good option for the tool box. I've been using Camtasia for a few years now which is pretty powerful, widely used and not that expensive. This lets you overlay annotation, sound, splice in and out with various effects, change speed and transcode to most compact and popular formats.
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Re: videosoftware - point cloud animation

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Rhino 3D, without any plugins, will allow you to set up a camera /target path and render out frames at whatever size you want.
It will show point clouds plus 3D models.
Some of my past recent examples for Jensen Bowers, Brisbane, Australia.
The final videos with titles etc were tacked together using Adobe After Effects.

Rhino 3D also has a full Animation in-house plugin called "Bongo" and can also be enhanced greatly using the 3rd Party Veesus plugin for Rhino .
Mike Annear
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Re: videosoftware - point cloud animation

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You can test point tools Bentley :)
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Re: videosoftware - point cloud animation

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I found for myself a great tool. Share it with you - Service includes planning, editing, creating effects and more.
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