ScanLAB Projects (LONDON UK) are looking for a Software Developer with Computer Graphics & Pointcloud experience

Is your company expanding or simply on the look out for experinced laser scanner users then you can try to recruit staff here.
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ScanLAB Projects (LONDON UK) are looking for a Software Developer with Computer Graphics & Pointcloud experience

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ScanLAB Projects (LONDON UK) - a creative, pointcloud based, visualisation studio - are looking for a C++ fluent software developer with pointlcoud and render engine experience to start ASAP


ScanLAB Projects are a world leading provider of 3D scan data and of pointcloud based experiences. We make films, VR environments, AR apps, web experiences and more that change the way spaces are represented in the digital domain. Our practice has a unique creative approach and is well known for its visual language and our technical capabilities. Much of this is due to our in house developed pointcloud processing, rendering, physics simulation and management software.

We are looking for an enthusiastic Software Developer to lead the development of future pointcloud applications, and to maintain & improve our existing in house tools. The successful candidate will have experience in graphic programming and a deep understanding of rendering pipelines..

The position has two main facets:
  • Long term - to understand, maintain and build upon our comprehensive in house pointcloud render engine and associated tools
  • Occasional shorter bursts throughout the working year - lead the development of specific interactive application builds (normally through Unity)

Key to this role is a love of artistic computer graphics and passion to be involved in a pioneering studio. The successful candidate must be comfortable working in a creative environment, translating the ideas of designers into robust working systems. Clear communication skills with non technical / semi-technical colleagues are essential. The successful candidate will need to operate in an autonomous manner, driving the technical aspect of projects.

Required Skills & Experience:

Extensive training in our existing tools and code base will be given. Candidates with some pointcloud / 3D scan data experience are preferable, but we will consider candidates with alternative, closely relevant skill sets, especially from within the game industry.

The following core skills are essential:
  • Comprehensive knowledge of, C++, C#, Graphics APIs
  • Knowledge of QT would be beneficial
  • Solid understanding of mathematical techniques for computer graphics, linear algebra, numerical methods and physics simulation.
  • A willingness to research and an ability to read, understand and implement cutting edge research papers.
  • Deep understanding of OpenGL and GPGPU. Ability to program shaders and kernels in an efficient way.
  • Unity development knowledge and experience leading the development of games, VR & AR experiences.
  • Relevant Technical Degree
Salary & Benefits:

Salary based on experience. EMI scheme for core staff. Matching contribution pension scheme. Very positive maternity + paternity terms. Bonus culture. Exciting work environment and projects with high profile clients.

How to Apply:

Please submit your CV and links to appropriate material to [email protected]
Application deadline 17th October 2018
Start Date ASAP, latest end November 2018
Must be eligible to work in London UK
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