SCENE Stray Point Filter

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SCENE Stray Point Filter

Post by grey »

Hi all

Does anyone know how to use Stray Point Filter in SCENE?
I tried it many times but nothing happened.
I don't understand the three parameters.
How do I set these three parameters to make the filter work?
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Re: SCENE Stray Point Filter

Post by gancs.daniel »

This video explains it quite well, around 5 min: ... uRNpnULoKo

Using a lower distance threshold and higher allocation threshold parameter results in a stronger effect, but it can take off points from the registration spheres as well, so if you use them, be careful.

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Re: SCENE Stray Point Filter

Post by yankoch »

You should try our edge filter, it is much more efficient. You can find it on the Faro App Center (TagLabs), or you can PM me.

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Re: SCENE Stray Point Filter

Post by sreed »

Unsolicited and objective recommendation to try Yan's edge filter. We use it all the time and its great.

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