IAFSM 4th Annual Conference (update)

The International Association of Forensic and Security Metrology
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IAFSM 4th Annual Conference (update)

Post by ddustin »

It is with great anticipation that we have planned this year’s 4th Annual IAFSM Conference. (October 30- Nov. 3rd)
It promises to be an intense week of technical presentations, workshops and networking with our associates from around the world.
Included this year will be (but not limited to):
- Clandestine Graves. We have buried 3 skeletons (plastic in case you’re wondering) in shallow graves, to be exhumed by our scanning teams.
- VR is going to be present in a wide variety of applications. Come and see if it’s time for you to jump in the virtual pool!
- Our Mock Trial promises to be enlightening as we endeavor to give our users a taste of what it’s like to see data admitted (and challenged) at trial. There will be an extensive discussion afterwards to answer any questions or observations from the group
- We’ll have a presentation by Domenic Raneri of the New South Wales Police Force, on the 3D Crime Scene Reconstruction of the Lindt Café Hostage Siege
- This year we will have our first computer supplier company (HIDEvoluton). A lot of you have purchased computers from them. They will be supplying hardware for a lot of the VR demonstrations as well as having a ton of VR setup in their booth
- There will be presentations on combining Drone data with Terrestrial scans (very hot topic these days)
Feel free to reach out to any of the board members if you have questions or ideas related to any of these topics

We have created an event app for this year's event should you want to preview the lineup.
1. Download the “Yapp” app from either Google Play or App Store (I would allow push notifications)
2. Search for IAFSM (or enter http://my.yapp.us/S4G2B3 in the search bar), note you will likely only need to enter the S4G23 part
3. OR Scan the QR Code in the attached image
4. The Tuesday schedule isn’t complete because we are still working through all that.
5. Sponsor page needs to be updated with correct levels
6. If you don’t have a smart phone, it will work from a tablet (Android or IOS only)
7. You can also just click the link and open it in a browser http://my.yapp.us/S4G2B3
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Re: IAFSM 4th Annual Conference (update)

Post by 3DForensics »

My tickets are booked and my hotel is reserved! The app worked great!

Very much looking forward to the workshops on the Monday!


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Re: IAFSM 4th Annual Conference (update)

Post by Dave Foster »

I'm really looking forward to this event, our 4th conference. There is an awful lot of work going on behind the scenes to make the conference a success, enhancing the learning in the field. There's a great deal of info which non-forensic practitioners can also draw upon.

The previous 3 conferences have covered a broad spectrum; this time the theme is Crime Scene to Court, we look to assess ways of delivering the data to the final audience. This is a theme common through the industry, after reading the LSF for a number of years now!

Those who wish to speak/present at this year's conference are encouraged to submit their abstract ASAP as the closing date is end of September. We have a couple of slots available in the schedule; you will be amongst friends!!

Other events include updates from our sponsors, hands on sessions with equipment and techniques, plus a great venue and meeting of minds to discuss best practices as well as getting together socially... [emoji482] [emoji483]or [emoji484]

Visit IAFSM.org for more details and access to discounted hotel rates for delegates (rooms are filling up though!)

We look forward to seeing LSF faces at IAFSM 2017 in Atlanta.

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