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Post by anonimou »

Hi all,

Someday a client ask me if is possible to export the objects drawing on Leica Truview to Autocad.
I did not know the answer until now but is possible, reading the Xml File exported from Leica Truview I can export to Autocad 3d lines and text 3d.
So I started to develop a program to read the xml file and export 3d lines to a dxf file.

The only command that export 3d coordinates to the Xml Files is "Markup Distances" so you will need to draw on Leica truview "Lines" with this command, later my program will convert this "lines" to 3D lines in Autocad.

But I have a Help file to explain that and other things.

This is not a great stuff but you can play a lot! :)
For now, this only a Beta Version, I´m still testing to find bugs...
Any question, ideas or bugs find, please contact me here or by email.

P.S: The option 2D will be only to draw Elevations...

Délio Pontes

File Remove, see topic:
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