3DR Script- Mass Export Sections

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3DR Script- Mass Export Sections

Post by VisoProOskar »

Hello! I have a project with alot of Planar Sections. Is there a way to select all of them and automatically induvidually export them to IGES with the same name as in the tree? Would save me alot of time to not have to select each section and export it.

Anyone have a script for that?

Example of the tree structure
Oskar Svensson, VisoPro Sverige AB
Nicolas L
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Re: 3DR Script- Mass Export Sections

Post by Nicolas L »


A script should do the job
Please try the following one that you will have to adjust:

var mat=SMatrix.New();
var projectContent=SSetMultiline.All(2);
for(var i=0;i<projectContent.length;i++)
var currentSetMultis=projectContent.Explode();
var currentShapes=new Array;
for(var j=0; j<currentSetMultis.length;j++)
var currentShape=SShape.New(currentSetMultis[j], SShape.NONE)

NOTE: change the path, get the individual name and the script is valid for multi-lines only (several associated poylines).

Nicolas L
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