How to easily check your scanner accuracy

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How to easily check your scanner accuracy

Post by Marketing - LSE »

Hello everyone!

We have developed an impressive new product. A " must have " for anyone who wants to easily check the accuracy of his 3D scanner. 8-)

With the reference scale bar you can check your scanner in the office or directly in the field after transportation. It can also be used as a reference distance on objects to be scanned to ensure quality.

Eric introduces the product in this video:

The reference scale bar made of carbon fiber is dimensionally stable, has a low weight, high strength and high production accuracy. The carbon fiber material has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion. This ensures dimensional accuracy even at temperatures that deviate from the calibration temperature.

Two precise reference spheres are attached to both ends of the scale. These spheres have a diameter of 100mm and an accuracy of 50 μm (0.05mm). The distance between the centers of the spheres is 1.45m and is determined and certified with high precision for each scale individually using a coordinate measuring machine.

The reference scale bar is compatible with numerous laser scanners, including
  • FARO scanners
  • Leica Geosystems scanners
  • Trimble scanners
  • Z+F scanners
The reference scale bar for 3D scanners is available in our shop: :arrow: ... D-scanners

Lissi Haubenreißer
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Re: How to easily check your scanner accuracy

Post by Martin_au »

Excuse me sir. I believe you have developed a 'stick'.

Just kidding. Nice idea.
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Re: How to easily check your scanner accuracy

Post by smacl »

Martin_au wrote: Wed Jul 10, 2024 2:32 pm Excuse me sir. I believe you have developed a 'stick'.

Just kidding. Nice idea.
I suspect it's what an old school surveyor would call the scanning equivalent of a Subtense bar, see ... c-suntense Good idea!
Shane MacLaughlin
Atlas Computers Ltd

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