Artec Studio customer presentation

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Artec Studio customer presentation

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I'm pretty new to this forum, so apologies if this is in the incorrect section.
We use an Artec Leo HD and a Ray 2 scanners, and process in Artec Studio 18. From there we export in PLY and import to Solidworks using Mesh2Surface.
This enables us to view large scan data within Solidworks, we can then model around the scan data.
But once we have finished modelling we are unable to showcase the designs with the scan data in.
You cannot view the scan data within Solidworks without a copy of Mesh2surface.
And we cannot find any software to view an STL that has been exported from solidworks that does contain the scan data and the model.

We work with a company who uses the Leica RT 360 scanner, they output there cloud data and view in Navisworks with their own equipment inserted in place. They can then send to a customer to view on free navisworks, which is extremely fast and easy to view.
I can understand that this is easy with point cloud models, but seems to be a lot harder with data that has already been converted to polygon models.

Can anyone help us with the workflow?
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