Carbon light weight tripod for RTC360

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Carbon light weight tripod for RTC360

Post by Ioannis »

I would like to know your opinion about what carbon tripod light weight to use with LEICA rtc360.
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Re: Carbon light weight tripod for RTC360

Post by Kruse »

Out of curiosity, have you had issues with the one that comes with the RTC? We've had a couple of the plastic shims in the clamping mechanism fail with the leg extensions, but there are readily accessible replacement parts for only a few dollars. Every scanner/tripod we've bought to date is still up and running, so we haven't had a need to out right replace the original carbon fiber one. (pro tip, use baseball bat grip tape on the top section of the tripod legs so you have extra grip when moving it around. much easier to grip than smooth carbon fiber! :D )

If you need to replace it though, I personally would go with a Gitzo brand as they make solid, heavy duty, rigid carbon fiber legs that would hopefully minimize any vibrations or movement. They'll have threaded options that you can then use Leica adapter plates to connect the RTC360 to.

Nedo also makes some scanner specific carbon fiber tripod legs. We use other tripods systems of theirs and can attest to their quality, so I would feel comfortable with their carbon legs as well. ... ne-tripod/

If anything, when it comes to the carbon legs, I would stay away from the clamps that are a single latch/quick latch style. I would only use the ones that are a twist style (same as what comes on the Gitzo or the Leica carbon fiber legs). Those should be more reliable in my experience and be a much stronger clamp to ensure it doesn't settle while scanning. The single latch/quick clamp style can loosen over time and slip if not maintained.
robin ault
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I have made 30-40 posts
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Re: Carbon light weight tripod for RTC360

Post by robin ault »

We had a one of the legs fall off, as one of the bits of plastic went.
But we found somewhere that sells all the replacement bits for the tripod, a lot cheaper than a new tripod and as good as new.

I rang them up and they were very helpful talking through what we needed.

I have made 30-40 posts
I have made 30-40 posts
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Re: Carbon light weight tripod for RTC360

Post by JonathanP »

Our Gitzo tripod locking mechanisms fell apart after a few months. Had one on hire a while back as well and the twist locks were gone.

Have the scanner now on our Crain tripod now that was bought in 2006 and still going strong.
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