Issues with optimisation in Scene

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Issues with optimisation in Scene

Post by CPNbegalux »

Hello folks,

I hope you might give me some insight on how Scene works as currently I'm having big issues with the "optimisations" of Scene for my clusters.

In the manual aligning process the results are quite decent for what I can see, but once I do the "optimisations" either clouds based or target based - the scans get misaligned. I even tried with cloud-based one single iteration as I got at other clusters a "decent" result in comparison to multiple iterations.

The screenshots 01, 02 and 03 show the result after the manual aligning.
The screenshots 04 and 05 show the result after the cloud-to-cloud based "optimization".
The screenshot 06 shows the result after the target based "optimization".

To the scans: It was my boss who made them in 1/2 Setting with 5 spheres - sadly he did few scans for a big industrial site meaning the distances between each scan are rather big and already had issues finding common surfaces to aligne the scans between each other in the subclusters.

Cluster Scan
-Cluster Zone01
--Cluster Zone01low (7 Scans)
--Cluster Zone01high (6 Scans)
-Cluster Zone02 (4 Scans)
-Cluster Zone03 (7 Scans)
-Cluster Zone04
--Cluster Zone04left(6 Scans)
--Cluster Zone04right(3 Scans)
--Cluster Zone04additional (4 Scans)
-Cluster Zone05 (7 Scans)
-Cluster Zone06 (4 Scans)
-Cluster Zone07 (8 Scans)
-Cluster Zone08 (5 Scans)

The issues with most zones are there are very few links between scans, generally one 2 scans that links each other.
Most clusters don't even make a closed ring/loop of scans.

So the results of the clusters themselves are quit decent, last Friday I tried to assemble the zones with each other to no avail. So today I am trying to make clusters with two or three Zones, and yet here I still have these alignement issues.

Does the computer specs have an influence on the algorithm?

Farco Scene 2023.1.0
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Re: Issues with optimisation in Scene

Post by Emanuele »

the alignment with spheres seems to have problems, what error do you have in the report?
You could try to find common "natural" planes or points and use them for pre-alignment.
Also check that the links between the scans are correct.
For c2c you could try increasing the search radius (5 meters), density (3 cm) and iterations (80-100).
With the new function you can also "manually" create connections for c2c
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Re: Issues with optimisation in Scene

Post by CTucker »

Did you get your problem figured out? I am not sure why you would optimize by target once you have done it by cloud-it kinda goes backwards in the process. What was the error rate after the cloud-cloud optimization? The previous answer sounded right, whatever you were using for targets were misplaced for the clusters that were completed to connect to each other. they could be connecting to bad targets and it is throwing the whole thing off as scene tries to make it all work.

Another solution would be to start over with scene project and go "old school" and manually mark your targets/points/planes for each scan and then once they are connected into their cluster, find points that will connect them all together. I wouldnt use the project that you have been talking about, as the way that scene optimizes, it can create spheres that were found naturally that are not really there. (an outdoor example are tree leaves). i have many a projects that i couldnt get to work after hours of "fixing" and after i started over, it would register right away.

Good luck
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