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Hello everyone,

I'm facing a recurring issue while creating orthoimages in Cyclone Register 360. I would appreciate your insights if you have encountered this difficulty before.

Objective: Create ortho-images from a georeferenced point cloud.

Here is my methodology:

1. I start by creating a UCS aligned with the future ortho-image.
2. To maintain the altitude of my georeferenced point cloud, I switch to the "station cloud" view and create a virtual target, noting the associated altitude.
3. Subsequently, I create a UCS using the virtual target as a reference point and entering the noted altitude. I ensure the altitude remains constant, whether the UCS is aligned with my facade or not. I then click on a plane of my facade to have a UCS aligned with said facade.
4. A limit box is created to define the size of the orthoimage.
5. Finally, the ortho-image is generated by drawing a reference line aligned with the facade using the UCS.

Problem: The altitude at the reference target is correct, but a few meters further on the facade, there is a discrepancy between the theoretical altitude and that given by the orthoimage. I suspect the UCS may be the cause of this issue.

Have any of you encountered this difficulty? Is there an alternative method for creating SCUs to avoid this altimetric alignment problem?

Note:When I export my point cloud in .57 format to create an ortho-image in another software like RealWorks, I do not encounter this issue.

Thank you in advance for your contributions and valuable assistance!
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