Plugin to match two scans manually in the birds eye view without Correspondence View manipulators

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I have made 30-40 posts
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Plugin to match two scans manually in the birds eye view without Correspondence View manipulators

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In the screenshot below you can see floor plan with 3 overlapping scans that are not registered correctly.
2023-03-17 160108 Question.jpg
In some cases, I find that Scene is little finicky about how many references it needs to register scans using sphere targets or planes and it keeps asking for more references. Some times I feel that it would be faster if I ignored the target tensions table of the scan manager and would just manually match and rotate each scan in the birds eye view to get the walls to match, and then just matched them vertically but it just takes way too many clicks to do that in the correspondence view.

The envisioned workflow. If we look at the screenshot above. It seems that it would be very quick if in that view I could just define which is the wall by which I want to align all 3 scans, say the horizontal wall, and then tell how much to shift each scan so that they match. For example, I click 6 times to define the points that define a plane like this:
Screenshot 2023-03-18 060742.jpg
At this point I don't care about the z axis. For example, I hit toolbar start button and click two times and see how wall of the yellow scan becomes horizontal, same thing for the gray and white scan. Now rotations of all scans match to horizontal line. The next thing I need is to shift each scan along a horizontal line to match the side walls, so I would click 3 times to get three points:
Screenshot 2023-03-18 061258.jpg
and then select those points and click another button. Now all 3 scans will match from the birds eye view. Then I need to match the z axis, so I would create one more point on each point cloud on some horizontal surface and then say 'match the z value' or something like that.

This seems to be so much faster than messing with the rotation and move manipulators. I know that this is exactly what the C2C or target registration is meant for, but after I complete the target registration, I get 36mm error despite
Screenshot 2023-03-18 064538.jpg
my target registration effort at the 9th Scan Manager Tension Table which shows only 3.02mm error:
The scans that overlap in that area are 6, 5, 10:
And you can see that I have spent quite a bit of effort to add and match planes. Plus this is the end result, there was soooo much time that went into rotating and zooming and clipping (and resetting the view from Ortho to Perspective to View All to get rid of 3D view camera clipping bug etc.) to inspect the results, saving steps because sometimes when I set Anti Correspondence I would not be able to get back the previous 'good' "Dist. Error". So while struggling with this I figured that I could register the scans manually in a controlled manner much faster.
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