3d survey

Please feel free to any show off any projects you may have done
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3d survey

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Hi this is akhil from transoft solutions we are specialized in 3d modelling as built models , we have decade experience in 3d modelling and surveying

We are specialized in 3D Laser Scanning As built 3D models, Scan to BIM (Building information modeling), Scan to CAD modeling and 2D drawings as well as LiDAR & Photogrammetric. Irrespective of change in the field of technology or in demand we aim to deliver the final deliverable to our clients a product which we are proud to stand behind.
Our organization has more than 10 years of skilled professionals’ have worked on many of the world's most challenging projects.
Scan to BIM team utilize the 3D laser scan data (point cloud data) to produce as-built 3D Revit models for refurbishment, retrofit project.
Based on the Level of detail/development (LOD) specification agreed with the client the Building information modeling (BIM) delivered by adding information to each object, creating more intelligent objects.

We currently offer the use of the laser scanner for various different services:
• Detailed measured building surveys
• Street scene elevation surveys
• Highway surveys
• As-Built surveys
• Monitoring
• Heritage scanning for posterity
• Inaccessible and hazardous locations
• 2D Façade
• 2D Floor plan
• Topographical Survey
• CAD 3D Architecture and MEP modeling
• 3D MEP modeling of Airport services and gas stations.
• 3D BIM modeling (Building information modeling).
• 3D Revit Architecture and MEP modeling.
• 3D Interior modeling.
We can present the data to you in the following formats:
• 2D drawings (Elevations, Cross Sections, Floor Plans)
• Point Cloud
• 3D Model
• BIM / Revit Models
Kindly get back to me, if you would like to have business with us.
Please find the attached ppt File
Thanks, and have good day!

thanks regards
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