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Re: Scene Webshare Cloud Creation

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apologies for the inconveniences you are experiencing. Is there a chance you might share an affected project with our customer service, so that we can perform analysis on your data in-house?

Have you tried to create the project point cloud and then do a WSC export? The PPC should typically allow to create the overview map much faster than with scans.

Also, stay tuned for the upcoming SCENE 7.0 version (should become available end of May), where there will be a new feature, called Scan Overview Maps. These are going to be greyscale and you can use them also for creation of WSC overview maps. That should then be even faster in comparison to creating the overview map from the PPC.

brian715 wrote:knowing that this thread is over a year old, I still feel it necessary to give an update. We continue to have issues with Webshare2Go and it is hit and miss with having an overview map or not. In our latest attempt on a project with only 80 or so scans, I ended up exporting the registered .FLS files and importing them into a fresh project. Then processed the scans creating scan point clouds and exporting webshare data. This created a successful working webshare2go on the first attempt. All of the processing was done overnight so as not to disrupt daily workflows.

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