New to Scanning - Looking for Recommendations

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Re: New to Scanning - Looking for Recommendations

Post by tomii7 »

czesc Artur,

Dziekuje, nie ma za co:).
I see that guys from LSF aswered your questions so it's spot on.
Faro solution are also good! You can find some similar outputs between leica and faro.
Also you can try cloudcompare which is great software.

If you need something from my end, please send me a direct message [email protected]

best - pozdrawiam
Tom Gerlich

ArthurPodium wrote:
Tue Jul 23, 2019 5:51 am
Afternoon All and Czesz Tomii7! Good to see another Polak working with these things!

Appreciate the responses and the direction. I've managed to get some scan data of a few slabs and will be trying out the Faro Scene/Rithim option and see how that performs and how I can extract reports using that data. Given that the main purpose of the tool is for internal business use as long as the scanner is reasonably accurate it should do the job well.

The workflow as I am being guided is to clean up the point cloud, assign a plane to work from then run the deviation tool within BuildIT. A little bit of playing around but it seems to be working quite well. Once i'm done with my first few passes i'll post some images of the data it was able to capture. Looking forward to seeing how the Rhithm apps work in comparison to BuiltIT.

Would you have any suggestions on software that can be used to check wall squareness and flatness? Its all about ease of use and speed to generate simple reports. Any further suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Best Regards,
Tomasz Gerlich

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