Combine data scanned from different angle

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Combine data scanned from different angle

Post by David.C » Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:02 am

Hi all,

I'm a noob here :)
Hope to get some suggestion from you all~

I'm doing some plan for a reverse engineering project, and want to make sure that
I am on the right way!

I'm going to scan a target by laser(fixed) in different angle via a rotation platform,
(imagine you want to scan a "ball", maybe rotate 15 degree every time after scan)
then I need to reconstruct the shape by rotating and shifting each data,
(maybe I can make some overlap in angle for better "stitching" the data)
finally I need to output a CAD file to my user.

After doing some study,
I'm going to use "point cloud library(PCL)" to do the job,
but I have never use it before,
Is that a good choice or there's other tool for this kind of things?

If some of you guys have done something similar before,
some key name of function to me to study will be too great :)

Thanks for any kind of suggestion !

Best Regards,

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