Combining Terrestrial Scanning Data with UAV Data

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Combining Terrestrial Scanning Data with UAV Data

Post by Dean28 »

Hi guys,

Just a quick one.

Need to do a job in 2 weeks where I need to do a 3D Laser Scan of a school as they want a Revit model of what's currently there. Also proposed to the client that we can use drones to capture the roofs of all the building (for roof condition assessments) and by doing that the outside area will be captured aswell. So long story short the 2 data sets needs to be combined and geo-referenced.

My thinking was to put up a few targets throughout the school that I will pickup with the scanner. This will then be used to shift my pointcloud in Cyclone. I will then bring in the UAV Data and then do a normal cloud to cloud and make my Terrestrial Scanning pointcloud my home scanworld and register the UAV data to it.

Can this work?

Other option is to set out a few targets on the ground aswell and then geo-reference both data sets and then just merge the 2 at the end and unify.

I think the accuraccy between the 2 pointclouds would be better doing a cloud to cloud at the end.

Please let me know your thoughts.



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Re: Combining Terrestrial Scanning Data with UAV Data

Post by jamesworrell »

Correct - geo-referenced for both.

We have had good results doing exactly what you are trying to do.

We run targets - both black and whites taped onto the walls and roofs (more for shopping centres) as well as painted marks on the ground where we have screws etc. We made sure we have control near the edges of the roof to ensure a good alignment.

Once you have the point cloud - just trim the roof line down and it should all match.

Given you are laser scanning, you can also use structure to get control from the laser scans and supply that to the imagery for control over there - this is particularly the case when combining terrestrial imagery.

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Re: Combining Terrestrial Scanning Data with UAV Data

Post by LPaulCook »

Ive not done this but Recap Pro dose this apparently quite easily using the roof eaves as common natural targets. Good enough for most applications.
L. Paul Cook, PLS

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Re: Combining Terrestrial Scanning Data with UAV Data

Post by Raymond »

Please see my related thread here:

-Ramon F Herrera
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Re: Combining Terrestrial Scanning Data with UAV Data

Post by cpw006 »

We have done this with decent results. We actually set out aerial targets on our control points that we scanned and georeferenced. We then use the same points to process the aerial data, import that cloud, store points on the aerial targets in cyclone, register the two clouds together using only the targets and then do a cloud to cloud constraint between the two as well. We were actually surprised at how accurate the aerial data registered to the terrestrial data.

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Re: Combining Terrestrial Scanning Data with UAV Data

Post by hakkilhe »

We have also done this succesfully. Last year we had to scan a big old flat facades and roof in Helsinki city centrum.
Customer wanted laser data in Finnish ETRS-GK25 coordinate system.

We scanned the building facades with Riegl VZ400 and (very complicated) roof structures with RiCopter / VUX-1UAV.
For terrestrial scans we measured targets to GK25 coordinate system with total station.

RiCopter has a very good IMU/GNSS system, so there is no need for ground control points with it, coordinate transformation to GK25 was done with the RiProcess (Riegl's post processing software).

Terrestrial and aerial point clouds matched well, just had to make some minor elevation correction to aerial data.
Heikki Häkkilä
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