Feature extraction from mobile mapping data

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Feature extraction from mobile mapping data

Post by abnan »

Hello Guys..

I'm Looking a software which can extract the below features automatically
We are much interested in the extracting the above features because we have a project on 3D mobile mapping and then extract the features from the processed data and the features we are looking to extract is:
5)Road Sign and traffic Sign
6)Road Side Walk

Please guide me which software can accomplish this criteria , so , i can review the software..

Thank U
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Re: Feature extraction from mobile mapping data

Post by smacl »

Hi Abnan,

We can do most of this in SCC, where the level of automation is very dependent on the quality and density of the data. Here are a few samples from mobile LIDAR, both vehicle mounted and hand held. For more, have a look at our youtube channel here. You can also download a trial version of the software from our web page here. If you want to send me a sample of your own data we can put together a short video based on that showing a typical workflow and work through it over an online demo,

Best regards,


Roads, curbs and white lines (Leica Pegasus 2);


Lamp posts and poles (Leica Pegasus 2);


Trees (Leica Pegasus 2);


Buildings (Geoslam);

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Re: Feature extraction from mobile mapping data

Post by melshy »

Maybe try with VisionLidar ;)
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