3D CAD Model Overlay on Point Cloud Help

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3D CAD Model Overlay on Point Cloud Help

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Hi guys,

I'm just going to get to the point and try and explain what it is I'm trying to do.

So, basically we have project to replace some equipment in kind that was already removed. We have copies of old blue prints and have pieced together what was there.

We want to make sure we have the placement right so we had a scan taken (FARO s70 I think) of the room where the equipment goes. Is there anyway I can take what we see in recap or scene and overlay our 3D model into it so we an navigate the space with our model in it. Just referencing the point cloud in to CAD is un-navigable Do I need to make a surface mesh? Or what would you guys suggest?

Thanks All
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Re: 3D CAD Model Overlay on Point Cloud Help

Post by Raimund58 »

I personally would try out Navisworks (Manage). It is a strong tool.
Also unifying of the scans in ReCap or exporting the Projectpointcloud from Scene can give huge performance boosts.
Additionally the color balanced Ppc looks really nice. Oh, and use SSDs!

Have a look at this too: https://blogs.autodesk.com/recap/simpli ... nt-clouds/
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Re: 3D CAD Model Overlay on Point Cloud Help

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If you can export your scan in Faro .FLS format you can upload it to Cintoo Cloud and compare it to a model in a heatmap.
Have a look at this example on our web site: https://cintoo.com/features#Scan-Model- ... Comparison

You can import IFC models from your PC, or push models from a BIM 360 account in RVT, NWD, NWC, 3D DWG, IFC formats.
There's also a 30 day trial if you want to test out the platform.

Please email me if you require further information: [email protected]

Simon Shaw
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Re: 3D CAD Model Overlay on Point Cloud Help

Post by Matt Ransom »

Hi everyone,

You could load the point cloud into one of our point cloud tools. If you converted your point cloud data into our VPC format which is extremely efficient and then load into our standalone Data Studio (Arena4D) program you could perform the necessary functions you require:

Data Studio (Arena4D): http://veesus.com/veesus-arena4d-data-studio/

You could also load the VPC file into Rhino via our Point Cloud plugin: http://veesus.com/veesus-arena4d-rhino/

We have a 14 day free trial so just download, install, execute and select 14 day trial.

We have many features available so please ask and I'll assist.

[email protected]
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Re: 3D CAD Model Overlay on Point Cloud Help

Post by Mike Annear »

+1 for Veesus Arena4d Data Studio / Veesus Arena4d Rhino 3D
Solid products
Mike Annear
QLD, Australia.
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