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I have made 20-30 posts
I have made 20-30 posts
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Processing computer

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If you guys are curious about what hardware can do with processing laser scan data using FARO SCENE. Specifically version 2023.0.1 & the current 2023.1.
There has been a lot of talk about AMDs Threadripper CPUs recently. So, we tried SCENE on one of them.
This machine was optimized for photogrammetry, with 256GB of RAM a Geforce 4090 NVIDIA card. With 10+TB NVMe storage. And an AMD Threadripper 7980x CPU. This is NOT the top of the line 96 core version, but it is one step below with "only" 64 cores.
SCENE seems to be optimized to utilize all these resources. So, processing really takes advantage of ALL the cores and threads (maxing out 128 threads) at 100%. This SIGNIFICANTLY (and I cannot overstate this fact) increases the efficiency of scan data processing. It ripped through a 100 scans in a matter of a few minutes (less than 10). Yes, the scans were "only" @ 1/5 resolution from a Focus scanner (so ~ 28 million points) and colorization was from the internal standard res camera, but still!
If anyone is looking for an increase in efficiency, SCENE really surprised us with how it is optimized to use all that horsepower!
Just saying! Pleasantly surprised by the architecture of SCENE in this matter...

Not even the photogrammetry software (notoriously known for taking many hours for processing), that this machine was supposed to help with, could utilize all the available horsepower (actually only used 50% - used 64 threads instead of the available 128).

Just FYI...
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