Bugs in 2019 please fix!

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Bugs in 2019 please fix!

Post by Felix_the_Cat » Tue May 14, 2019 10:19 pm


Grrrr. Making products and just stumbling all over these bugs today

Simple ones. Am I the only one having these issues:

1. If you mistakenly click on “locate viewpoint” with a screenshot open the program crashes instantly

2. There is no way to rename screenshots or cluster them in any meaningful way to keep track of what is what. You CAN rename the viewpoints under the screenshots in the tree, but in 2019 they no longer show up in the views folder so this is completely worthless.

3. There is no way to export a batch of shots, and the process of having to navigate to the appropriate save folder EVERY TIME you export a single image is tedious at best

4. If there is a clipping box visible and you make a 3D selection of points with the polygon tool you cannot access the right click menu for the point selection, only for the clipping box. So you constantly have to make the boxes visible and invisible while you are cleaning so you can delete, clear etc

5. First point of the polygon tool doesn’t get recognized! Sometimes it is several points before it starts the rubberband chain thing. And there is this weird thing where you have to move the view a couple of times before you get the polygon thing because the cursor is stuck on whatever the last change the view command was.

6. There is NO WAY to take a 4x4 supersampled screenshot. They are all blurry, like it wasn’t done rendering before the frame buffer is emptied. 3x3 works sort of, but you have to do it twice. Click, wait, click again, and about 50% of the time you get a fully rendered screenshot. If you do anything in between making the second identical shot it doesn’t work. 2x2 it works most of the time but you still have to do it twice.

These problems persist across multiple machines and have been there since 2018.

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I have made 40-50 posts
I have made 40-50 posts
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Re: Bugs in 2019 please fix!

Post by surveypm » Wed May 15, 2019 4:32 pm

I find some of the same actions for 4 & 5 in SCENE 2019. I don’t use the other features noted. While SCENE has more capability for selections for cleaning than Recap, Recap is more stable and functional (less steps) when you have a good clipping box. I also find starting the polygon tool has the same unpredictability; sometimes it works right off the bat and other times the yellow line is delayed so then I have to start over.

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Re: Bugs in 2019 please fix!

Post by jedfrechette » Thu May 16, 2019 8:31 pm

I wish Faro had a better system in place to report and track Bugs & RFEs so that it would be more likely these kinds of things get noticed and addressed. If there were, I certainly know I would report more issues.

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Re: Bugs in 2019 please fix!

Post by sim.herrod » Fri May 17, 2019 8:22 am

There is also an issue with processing 1/1 scans with colourisation ON and HDR 5x.

From Faro Europe Support...
Unfortunately our R&D team confirmed that this crash/error with processing 5X HDR scans in Scene as a bug in the current Scene version.

This bug shall be addressed in the next releases.
The size of full resolution scans is very near to the internal memory limit of SCENE for handling color images. As the actual scan size is not always exactly the same, sometimes full res scans are fine for HDR, and sometimes they are not.

We would recommend using only ½ res scans.
Obviously not ideal when you find this out after doing all the site work, and a deadline due for the deliverables, but at least they are addressing the matter.

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