Clipping Boxes Till Failure

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Clipping Boxes Till Failure

Post by DillonE » Mon Apr 08, 2019 7:35 pm

Hello all,

First time poster here, I suppose I should start with a "Thank you"! It is with this forum I have learned so much about Scene and all of its... unique quirks.

Today I have another to share. I have a Project Point Cloud with well over 100 scans (unsure exact number). While taking Orthographic photos of the interior of this very irregular house, I have needed to utilize clipping boxes to crop/reveal certain features. Working through my first 91 orthos I had a total of 6 clipping boxes. On photo #92 I added a 7th. Scene immediately quit.

Upon reopening, I opened 4 more boxes, totaling in 10 clipping boxes to see if I could trigger a similar effect. No dice. I am looking to collect other similar stories with their accompanying situations to eventually report to Faro for their next batch of updates.

Thank you,


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