Hi Faro - new tool please!

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Hi Faro - new tool please!

Post by Felix_the_Cat » Thu Sep 12, 2019 6:57 am

So after a round of cleaning scans I have a strong desire for a new tool which I think would be easy to implement.

I really wish that there was a way to identify which scan a point or points belong to.

I find cleaning each scan individually is not efficient. Sometimes it is required however, when a noisy scan is mixed with good data or the outskirts of one dirties up another.

But FINDING that scan in the tree can be a real challenge.

In a spidery tree in which there are hundreds of scans in clusters of five to ten scans each it is a tedious repetitive nightmare tracking down which particular scan contained the noise you are trying to delete.

Please Faro, make a tool, “locate point”, same as “locate scan” or “locate clipping box” with the right click that will make the point exaggerated yellow in the working window and jump to the scan highlighted in the structure window.

Currently, I just expand the tree (please Faro add “expand all” and “collapse all” so I don’t have to open every cluster manually - it is infuriating) and scroll through with the arrow keys scan by scan until the bad data highlights in the working window.

Also, for goodness sakes put all the clipping boxes in one location on the tree. When there are ten or fifteen boxes, buried deep within the tree, selecting “show all objects” and then re-hiding the fourteen you don’t want is extremely tedious as well.

Thanks for listening

(I hope)

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Re: Hi Faro - new tool please!

Post by SGR » Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:51 am

Hey Felix,

we are listening. :-)

Those are good ideas. I'll bring those to our development team.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! It's highly appreciated.

Sebastian Grottel | Manager 3D Software Engineering | FARO

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Re: Hi Faro - new tool please!

Post by sreed » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:44 pm

Good suggestions, all of them Felix. And Sebastian it's nice to have a faro rep online listening and replying!

Felix, one tip that may help you: if you select a cluster it "yellows" all scans in that cluster. Proceed down your list of scans/cluster until offending point turns yellow. If a scan, you're done. If a cluster, expand that cluster and repeat making your way down the web of project cluster until you land on an individual fls. In other words, you dont need to select all scans but just those clusters in the right lineage until you drill down to the scan.

As for clipping boxes I totally agree. Buried clipping boxes are troublesome. That was a well intended feature change (6.x?) that, I believe, missed the mark.

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Re: Hi Faro - new tool please!

Post by bananmac » Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:14 am

Good topic :like:

I would like to add a few thoughts as well:

1. In corespondence view when I double click on a target (sphere or checkerboard) it starts to rotate the view for some reason... :roll: In previous versions (for sure 6.2) it opened simply target property window. Could you pleeeaaseee restore it? ;) We work a lot in corespondence view and now it became impossible to edit target properties in corespondence view.

2. Once again, in correspondence view, when I right click on a sphere or checkerboard group (by the group I mean at least two targets overlapping eachother) it shows a list of targets in the group (context of object) asking to select one and then opens right click menu. This is extreeeemly ineficient , please Faro team make it as it was in previous versions. I don't remember exactly in which version was it introduced but for sure in 6.2 it was highlighting one target and showing right click menu.

I hope you will fix this as this slows the workflow down a lot....

Leandre Robitaille
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Re: Hi Faro - new tool please!

Post by Leandre Robitaille » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:39 pm

I have a really good request ;

A correspondance view ''lasso tool'' or ctrl+click feature that would allow us to select scans in the structure tree from the correspondance view. Sometimes I want to move certain scans to a cluster and beeing able to multi select them from the correspondance view would be an amazing feature. We often work with 2 or 3 scanners at the time and naming is not always sequential and selecting scans that go together in a cluster can get complicated.

- LR

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