Register 360 Crashes

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Register 360 Crashes

Post by Amann »

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install register 360 from Old laptop "A" to new laptop "B",
- I returned the license from "A" (CLM)
- I successfully added the same license on "B" (CLM)
- Installed register 360 (version 1.6.2) on "B". That is the latest version I can install with the license I have

So it should be all good, but when I launch Register 360 then it crashes after a few sec. and before I could see the project GUI
Any clue??
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Re: Register 360 Crashes

Post by badam »

Please tell every step you did until this point. And make sure all of your data from machine A is safe. Stored on other drives other than thia c drive

What i 'd do is this, as i wrote everything in the other opened topic, i think it was unnecessary to open an another, because it is related to eachother.

0. If you copied over the register360 program data directory (%programdata%/Leica Geosystems/Cyclone REGISTER 360), but make sure you have it somewhere else...
1 reinstall register 360 on B
2 try to run register 360 on B
3 follow the instruction on the other topic to move your project over

Just debugging questions, can you see somethibg in the log file?
(%programdata%/Leica Geosystems/logs)

What version of windows you have, i hope that not win11, make sure that your windows build is not without media packs windows N builds, if you have a N build then download/install media pack.

Do you have dedicated graphics? Every driver is up to date and come from original source? Like nvidia,amd, and your laptop manufacturer?

Is the license server working have you tried to access it from the other machine?

Maybe can you see something in the windows eventviewer related to register360.

Without logs and other information these are what i can think. If you share your reg360 logs maybe we can help more.
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