Register 360 Large Project - Export (Publisher Pro) to LGS stuck on 0%

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Register 360 Large Project - Export (Publisher Pro) to LGS stuck on 0%

Post by oldmanmike »

I have a couple of questions

We are trying to publish our R360 project to an LGS file to use in Cloudworx for Revit. The project contains multiple sitemaps totaling ~380 scans. We are trying to publish one sitemap (79 scans) and not the others. I did this successfully multiple times in the last week but now, for some reason, Cyclone begins publishing but the loading bar remains on 0% seemingly infinitely (the longest I waited was 3 hours). Because I exported a version of the same sitemap yesterday (I had to go back and update the UCS), I know that it should be hitting 1% within a minute or two. Has anyone experienced this before?

We have a saved version of the project in multiple sitemaps (which is being used above) and a version where all the scans are registered in a single sitemap. I have also successfully published this to LGS (file clocks in at 98GB) so I know the above process is taking too long. A bonus question is: our above process is a result of the 98GB being way too big to load into Revit via Cloudworx (Revit crashes). If anyone has general suggestions for managing very large projects in Cloudworx/Revit, I would be eager to hear them.


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